• The application will seek permission to integrate with your Facebook account after to you click on the button.
  • With your permission to integrate with Facebook, the application will then give you the option of choosing your Facebook profile image.
  • You can also upload a picture from your desktop or click one from your webcam.
  • Click on 'I am Ready' once you have finalised the image you wish to use in the Forest Hero video.
  • This image will be used in the video.
  • Now look! There you are , the hero in the film.

Real heroes don't have supernatural powers, they just achieve supernatural feats with simple acts of courage. You can take the first step to become the hero our forests need, by performing the simple act of sharing. Let your friends see what it is like to be the one who makes a difference. Give them a chance to experience this and become Junglistan Forest Heroes themselves. The success of this mission to save the forests lies in your hands.